The Checkpoint Campaign

The Nineveh Plain Protection Units are now establishing and patrolling a network of checkpoints throughout the liberated areas of the Nineveh Plain.  The goal is to establish a network of 18 checkpoints.  These checkpoints are essential for providing security for our towns and villages.  Only with an effective network of checkpoints will our people feel safe and return to their homes.  So developing these checkpoints is an urgent issue for the NPU.

The current checkpoints are but a shack.  They need to be developed and made more secure with concrete barriers and a place for guards to shelter.  Moreover, the checkpoints are most effective when soldiers can easily patrol among them and respond quickly to emergencies.  So the NPU needs vehicles to travel between checkpoints.

Thus, the Nineveh Plain Defense Fund launched the Checkpoints Campaign to fund this vital work.  Each checkpoint will cost $24,000:

  • $  2,000 in materials, such as concrete
  • $22,000 for used pick-up truck vehicle  ($30,000 if new)

Our goal is to fund 18 checkpoints by raising $432,000 (18 x $24,000).

Help the NPU build a network of checkpoints.

Support the NPU

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